Friday, August 30, 2013

Who Gets Into Harvard, Princeton & Everywhere Else?

The publication of Lacy Crawford's new novel, EARLY DECISION, has been a public benefit to all who are applying to college this fall and to those of us who help the applicants. The novel is a vivid dramatization of the process, the passions, and the problems students, parents, and coaches encounter. Just as valuable (and almost as much fun to read!) are her many essays and blogs about her past life as a high-end college coach. In these posts, she's offering a wealth of great advice and insights based on years of experience -- at no charge.

Read the novel, read her essays and blogs here (with her media appearances), and check out her latest blog post, on the Girl Who Got in Everywhere - including Harvard, Princeton, and Amherst. Best of all, she includes the young woman's Common App and Princeton essays.

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