Sunday, March 17, 2013

NYT Essay on High-Achievers & Top Colleges

Today's New York Times has recast last week's SLATE piece about low-income, high-achieving students who do not find their way to the country's best colleges, and provided an important link to QuestBridge, an organization that is in the business of helping such students find schools and resources.      

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It seems that low-income students in the major cities - NY, Boston, LA - do find their way to top schools, where the financial aid can be significant, but high-achieving students in more rural areas do not know to apply to these schools. As the Supreme Court gets ready to rule again on affirmative action, the colleges and universities might be required to seek out students who are low-income but not necessarily minorities, in order to satisfy new standards.

Clearly more needs to be done to help high-achieving poorer students find top schools with plenty of scholarship money.

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