Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New Common App College Essay Prompts 2.0 are Here!

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Please take a look at my latest Huffington Post blog on the big college news of the day: the announcement of the new Common App essay prompts for 2015-16.

Here's the start of my article. To finish it, click on the link below. 
"This is big news in the college application world. It's not quite landing on the moon or Beyoncé having a baby, but the twittosphere is aflame this morning. The Common Application organization has just released the essay prompts for the upcoming year. Though applications aren't due until late in the fall for most students, the arrival of the prompts marks the start of the season.
"The good news is that there are few major changes from the past two years, and that the Common Application made what changes it did in response to thousands of reactions from members (the colleges and universities themselves) and the general public. Hats off to the Common App for inviting us to be part of the conversation!
"The bad news -- though I may be alone in feeling this -- is that my favorite question fell by the wayside: Describe a place where you feel perfectly content. Some of the most engaging essays my clients ever wrote were in response to that prompt. One described his lifelong love of German opera, another his passion for being lost. I'm going to think positively about the very engaging replacement question about problem solving.
"Now, for the winning prompts -- and my initial thoughts about them. As in previous years, students can write up to 650 words on just one of these. READ MORE
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