Friday, March 6, 2015

Vote on Common App Essay Prompts - and News!

I just came across this survey from the Common Application organization. You have until Monday March 9 to vote on what you think about the Common App essay prompts that have been in use for the last two years. 

I will be closely monitoring the news feeds from the Common Application organization in the coming days. I'm told by sources that they will announce the prompts for the upcoming application season in mid-March - even though the on-line application itself does not go live until August 1st - and most colleges do not announce their own supplements for some time.

Beyond the date, I have no information about the content of the prompts, but I'm hoping that they remain the same as they've been for the last two years. I think those five prompts have been terrific, and allowed students to write well and unselfconsciously about things that matter to them - and that show schools who they are. 

For those new to the application game, the Common App essays are the foundation of the application essays for 500+ colleges and universities. In previous years, students have had to write one essay - from 250 to 650 words - from a list of prompts/topics that the organization and its members (these 500+ colleges) agree upon. As I say, I'm hoping they leave everything in place for this coming year, but who knows?

Many other colleges and universities require additional essays - called supplementary essays, and some schools, including a number of big state universities (CA, TX, WI) as well as MIT are outside the Common App system entirely and require their own essays.

If you have questions or concerns about doing the essays or about your high school son or daughter doing them - or about other aspects of the application process - drop me a line.

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