Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hidden Essays at Cornell, Emory, UVa and Other Schools

This just in: a number of universities have supplementary essays that students don't find out about until they are far along in completing the Common Application. For most schools, there are no "hidden" essays but, according to the article, students need to click through the entire application for an individual school in order to learn about these "stealth" essays. For example:

"Cornell is one of many Common Application member colleges with 'stealth' essays that don’t appear until college-specific questions have been fully completed. And 'undecided' is not an option when it comes to selecting one of Cornell’s colleges or schools. You have to answer all the questions to submit the application. And once you answer the college/school question, an essay will be “unlocked.” READ MORE 

If you come upon surprising new essays as you apply, please post here and let us know the schools where special attention must be paid. Thanks! 

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