Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tutor on the Dangers of Oversharing on the College App Essay

All the news that's fit to print? The New York Times' Frank Bruni has a disturbing and fascinating article on oversharing on the college application essay. Did this applicant get into Yale? You'll have to read the entire article to find out, but I think you'll find it worthwhile. P.S. Oversharing isn't an issue with the students I work with. I encourage them to find other topics that are more appropriate.

"THE Yale applicant had terrific test scores. She had fantastic grades. As one of Yale’s admissions officers, Michael Motto, leafed through her application, he found himself more and more impressed.

"Then he got to her essay. As he remembers it, she mentioned a French teacher she greatly admired. She described their one-on-one conversation at the end of a school day. And then, this detail: During their talk, when an urge to go to the bathroom could no longer be denied, she decided not to interrupt the teacher or exit the room. She simply urinated on herself.

"'Her point was that she was not going to pull herself away from an intellectually stimulating conversation just to meet a physical need,' said Motto, who later left Yale and founded Apply High, a firm that guides students through the admissions process. READ MORE

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