Sunday, May 15, 2016

Money, Money, Money & College App Essays

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I love this yearly tradition. For the last few years, The New York Times has asked students to submit college application essays they've written about money, work, and social class. The essays are fascinating, and they give upcoming students the idea that there is a wider and even riskier variety of subjects to explore in their personal statements than they might have thought. 

Here are two paragraphs from the Times piece, "In College Essays, Echoes of Parents' Attitudes," by Ron Lieber. I hope you'll want to read more and read the four winning essays, which you can access through the article:

"Each year, I put out an open call for college applicants to send in essays about money, work, social class and related issues that they’ve submitted to undergraduate admissions offices. This year, we received 231 of them and enlisted Ralph Johnson, senior director for college success for the Democracy Prep public schools network and a former admissions officer at Brown University, to help pick the four that we are publishing. We pay the four writers as we would freelancers.

"In narrowing them down from among the best dozen or so that we received, Mr. Johnson said he put himself back in the mind-set of the gatekeeper role he once held at Brown, when there were so many essays to read that he felt guilty being in a house of worship without a pile of paper in front of him." READ MORE

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