Thursday, June 11, 2015

New Testimonial

I was very moved to just receive this new testimonial from a high school student I worked with this past season:

"I started my college applications (particularly the essays) very late. There was no real reason other than procrastination. My hopes for reaching the Ivy League soon became hopes for simply getting into college. However, with the little faith I had left, I browsed Google for useful college application resources/mentors, and I found Liz's website; I remember reading the amazing testimonials for her services, and yelling to my mom, "Mom, we NEED to call this lady!" I was initially concerned she wouldn't even have the time and availability to help me so late into the year, so upon hearing she would welcome me as her student, I was shocked. Over the next two months, she guided me throughout not just the essay-writing process, but my entire college application process, providing me invaluable information with her wide range of college-related experiences. From helping me transcribe my creative voice onto paper to helping me write my resumé, Liz taught me things that will last into college and beyond. Thank you so much, Liz. Writing this testimonial is an honor, and I hope mine will inspire others as your previous testimonials have inspired me."
-C.Z, Emory University & Cornell University 

Thank you, C.Z., it was a pleasure working with you. 

Please shoot me an email or call me for information about college application essay support:  1-855-99-ESSAY. 

And visit my website for more information: Don't Sweat the Essay.


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