Wednesday, April 2, 2014

College Admissions Gone Wild?

It seems we need to be reminded every year of the madness of the college application process - and what it costs in dollars and common sense. For some perspective, take a look at Frank Bruni's column in the Times, and at some of the 300+ reader comments to the piece - which are at least as interesting as what Bruni has to say. 

"Over recent days the notices have gone out, an annual ritual of dashed hopes.
"Brown University offered admission to the lowest fraction ever of the applicants it received: fewer than one in 10. The arithmetic was even more brutal at Stanford, Columbia, Yale. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill had a record number of students vying for its next freshman class — 31,321 — and accepted about one in six who applied from outside the state. Notre Dame took about one in five of all comers.
"And right now many young men and women who didn’t get in where they fervently longed to are worrying that it’s some grim harbinger of their future, some sweeping judgment of their worth.
"This is for them. And it’s intended less as a balm for the rejected than as a reality check for a society gone nuts over the whole overheated process."  READ MORE

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