Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top Colleges Want to Recruit More Low-Income Students

Some highlights from the Times article on colleges' efforts to recruit more low income students. Worth a read in its entirety here

"Last month, 80 college and university presidents convened at the White House to discuss ways to get more capable low-income students to and through top colleges.
"It’s an important topic — especially as concerns sharpen over slowing rates of social mobility in the United States. A college education continues to be the most reliable ladder that allows poor children to climb to the middle class and higher....
"The reasons for these disparities are clear but the remedies are complicated. Poor kids tend to go to under-resourced high schools and, when they graduate, are often not academically prepared for top colleges...
"Poor students who are accepted into selective four-year universities often find themselves adrift — overwhelmed by the financial, academic and cultural challenges created by an environment shaped to serve the habits and needs of the wealthy.

"With some notable exceptions, the nation’s most selective private college and universities — institutions that tend to produce the majority of the nation’s leaders — haven’t historically worked too hard to attract and retain low-income students. And many remain bastions of privilege." READ MORE

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