Thursday, December 5, 2013

Should You Come Out in Your College App Essay?

A very interesting Q/A-style article in the New York Times that offers more questions than answers on the issue of whether students should come out in their college application essays. Here's the question. To read the answer, and reader comments, click here.

""Q. Dear Civil Behavior: Our daughter is a senior in high school and quite comfortable with her lesbian identity. We support her 100 percent, but we know the world is not always so tolerant. As she’s writing her college application essays this fall, she’s “coming out” in them — and we think that’s a bad idea. You just never know who’s reading these essays, so why risk revealing your orientation to someone who might be biased against you? We’ve strongly suggested she think over the ramifications of what she’s doing, but she doesn’t seem to have any doubt about it. Deadlines are approaching and we are at an impasse. How can we persuade her to keep some things private if they might hurt her chances of admission?” — Anonymous  READ MORE

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