Saturday, December 16, 2017

Rejected or Deferred? Can You Write College Application Essays Quickly?

This is my latest piece on Huffington Post. You've heard some of this before, but perhaps in a different frame of mind....

Here's the opening:

"December is a tough month for college applicants.

"When you apply early decision to a college you have your heart set on, it can be crushing if you’re rejected or deferred.

"If you’re rejected, you just have to pick yourself up and move on to the other wonderful colleges on your list. This might mean finding another college or two, writing a half dozen essays you hadn’t planned to write, and/or taking a look at your Common Application essay and revising it - yes, you’re allowed to revise it. If you’re still searching for appropriate colleges, the ultimate reference book is The Best 382 Colleges, 2018 Editionupdated every year by Princeton Review.

"If you’re faced with having to write a slew of unanticipated essays, get to work. There’s no sweetener for this project, and you’ve been there before. Make the essays personal to you and your academic desires, specific to the colleges you’re applying to (mention specific majors, courses, professors, and other opportunities unique to that college), and get another pair of eyes to review them for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and good sense.  READ THE REST 

And shoot me an email if you think you need help with this project: 

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