Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Students of Science & the Arts: Enjoy these Remarkable Photos

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In our focus on getting into college and getting into "the right college" or "the best college," we sometimes forget that education is a tool, a lifelong endeavor, one of many destinations on the map of our lives and our goals.  When I come across articles or events that might be of interest to the students I work with, I like to call attention to them - which brings me to these amazing pictures from a British organization that finds photographs that celebrate scientific achievements. From their website:

"The Wellcome Image Awards are Wellcome’s most eye-catching celebration of science, medicine and life. Now in their 20th year, the Awards recognise the creators of informative, striking and technically excellent images that communicate significant aspects of healthcare and biomedical science. Those featured are selected from all of the new images acquired by Wellcome Images during the preceding year. The judges are experts from medical science and science communication.

"This year's Wellcome Image Awards were presented on 15 March 2017, celebrating the scientists, clinicians, photographers and artists who bring science to life through remarkable imaging.

CLICK HERE to: Watch our judges talk about the power of visual imagery and this year’s selection of images."

CLICK HERE TO SEE THE AWARD-WINNING PHOTOS.  You can even vote for your favorites!

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